in bloom


The smallest sprigs of Lily of the Valley have cast their sweet scent near my bed. I smell their fragrance as I approach on the stairs. It’s remarkable how a wisp of blooms in an equally tiny vase can elicit a tidal wave of perfume. For a moment, tranquility is restored. It’s been a busy weekend, filled with work, travel, straightening out household chaos, and finally a trip to the garden centre. Sadly, my Mother-of-the-bride dress shopping in Toronto left me empty-handed. The dress I am smitten with was sold-out in the store (and nearly worldwide, so the internet tells me, including Top Shop UK where it originates!). It hadn’t occurred to me that such a thing would happen. It’s difficult to let go of the longing, and certainly another dress will replace it, but in my mind’s eye this was the one. In all of my looking, it seems there are two extremes—postage stamp size slips for the young, and perfectly hideous matronly cloaks—with very little in between. Or at least anything I love. So back to the beginning I go. Or the lap top, as the case may be …

And then there are spring’s first blooms. A treat for the soul and the very best reason to be tethered to beauty. I hope they help launch your week with a hefty dose of calm. X












photos by: bliss {in images}

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