the BVG

These past few weeks have been intensely busy on the work front. Lots of new developments are happening in the catering kitchen and exhaustion aside, I’m so excited about the food I’m creating! There’s an explosion of flavour and colour taking place, which is easily the most inspiring thing about working with a bunch of great chefs—two of them women! More on that over the next few weeks …

On the home front, I’ve been spending whatever spare time I can muster on The BVG—my lovely balcony vegie garden. It’s been an amazing adventure watching it take shape. It really does feel like another room—a garden room—has been added to the house. In part, that’s because I created a privacy screen made of unbleached cotton, running the length (and most of the height) of the railings. I’m hoping that Morning Glories will fill in the remaining space as they wind along the top. Container gardening has been a fun challenge. The majority of plants receive full, extremely hot sun, until late afternoon. So for that reason, they are incredibly thirsty and demand a deep, daily watering. On the flip side, I never have to weed, which is simply brilliant! There’s an awful lot I miss about getting my hands into the earth, but for this year, some sunflower and Morning Glories along the front porch are all I’ll be tackling in the way of planting in the ground. I’m liking this small-space garden and I’m excited to share its progress with you over the next few months! Last night, with only an hour to go before sunset, I zipped out there to snap some photos so that you could catch a glimpse of The BVG in its early days.

I hope your gardening adventures are keeping you happy as well!


photos by: bliss {in images}