more from the BVG

The BVG is growing wildly! These soaring temperatures and full on sun have power-boosted the vegies. There’s a Jack and the Beanstock effect happening daily. Amidst all the hauling, planting and puttering, there have been lessons learned from this first balcony season:

♦ Container gardens need plenty of water. And then some. This year it’s watering cans. Next year—the patience to devise self-watering containers.

♦ Some containers can be rotated in and out of the sun. And they’ll thank you for it. But not zucchini … or peas, beans, or cukes. They spread, they climb, they claim their territory. Bloom where you are planted my green friends.

♦ Don’t snooze when you see a heavy-duty patio umbrella base on sale, just bloody well grab it. Because two days later they will be sold out (all over town) and your umbrella will topple … Constantly. Hello sand bag.

♦ Tepee, cage, or stake your vines before they become wild spreaders. Or tear through the house like me, looking for inventive tepee-cage-stakes … like a wrought iron dressmaker’s form for your zucchini.

♦ Rouse your children (and their lounging friends) and beckon them with shrieks to the BVG when you discover your VERY FIRST CUCUMBER!!

♦ Enjoy your edible balcony and give it some lovin’ every single day. For come August, you won’t have to walk down the produce aisles.

Just give a click to enlarge the collection of photos, and enjoy the bounty!

And how does your garden grow? What surprises or delights have you discovered?