tea and paper lanterns

Lately, I’ve had some excellent (and thrift-worthy!) visits to my hometown, Toronto. Number Two celebrated his birthday last month, and since  his beloved Portugal was playing a Euro cup match, he orchestrated a plan that included a visit with his sister (and thankfully, his mother) … and a large screen in a Portuguese bar. Or rather bars—there seemed to be some hopping involved. None of this “small town sports  bar with french fries” crap for my boy. He wanted the full on experience: raising a glass and flying a flag (actually, that was his sister … and rather wildly) in a room dripping with Portuguese fever. An homage to the Motherland you could say. Well, his grandfather’s, but close enough.

This pilgrimage to the city happened to take place on a Saturday afternoon in yard sale season—my favourite season of all. So when I spied a sign for a pretty fabulous looking street sale, I pulled away from the pack and took a little detour. And in the midst of my to-ing and fro-ing from one side of the street to the other, I spied some beautifully weathered, old paper lanterns, folded and lying on a blanket. Before there was a BVG, in the fantasy planning stages I had imagined fluttering paper lanterns. So I was ecstatic to find these little gems just lying there, waiting for a new home!

This past weekend I gently unfolded their little accordion-like bodies and found them a place on the BVG. They seem to be quite happy, all aflutter amongst the kale and peppers and tomatoes. Saturday morning it was tea and local strawberries and lanterns on the balcony.

P.S. Edibles update: We have cucumbers, hot peppers, peas, strawberries and cherry tomatoes all making their first appearance! More on those developments in the days to come …