I think these so-called lazy, hazy days of summer have turned a sharp corner into drought, and there ain’t nothing idyllic about that. In these parts, farmers are faced with the prospect of losing precious crops and massively hard-earned income. I no longer have central air conditioning, but I hear my neighbour’s unit groaning like a marathon runner stumbling toward the finish. We’re not holding up very well to the oppressive heat over here, and with some rotten twist of fate (hello global climate change) I have a cold. A cold. In summer. Also not part of the idyll … but it is part of having a day off!

When I encountered Mary Jo Hoffman’s photo series STILL, the title itself captured the essence of these past few weeks. The only relief for me from the intensity of the heat and the frantic pace of work, has been to retreat into stillness. Preferably alone, with an ice-cold chai, surrounded by my small garden. Mary Jo has gathered and photographed natural objects, providing a daily portrait of each.  She challenges us to find beauty in the stillness of a moment, discomfort and all.


photos by: mary jo hoffman for still