mid summer

We’ve turned a corner and suddenly run smack into August—how did it all happen so fast? I can’t say that it’s been a leisurely summer. It’s been a head down, pounding-it-out-in-the-kitchen sort of summer. I’ve missed spending time with my kids, with my friends, with myself. I’ve missed having time to re-charge, to welcome sleep back into my life, to seize the day without any great plans and follow it wherever it might take me …

But I’ve been given an incredible opportunity to do what I love—to create really great food—and to pursue some tremendously exciting opportunities that are beginning to take shape on that front. So I scoop those rare moments of down time, of solitude, when they come my way. And I appreciate how damn lucky I am to be surrounded by people cheering me on.

Life is good.

One other longed for, toiled for, sweet little thang has come into my life: my first ever digital SLR! Goodbye little (oh-so little) 6 mega pixel, point-and-shoot. You’ve let me push you to your out-most creative limit and endured my relentless frustration that you were … well … just the way you are. Here’s to your retirement little pal.

And here’s to summer, before it slips away. To patience, risk and new opportunities. To friends who have been neglected (but not unloved). To children who have been sorely missed (and hopefully not neglected). To new, pretty pictures. And to sunflowers whose growth spurts and climb up the porch are a daily reminder of how quickly these days are passing …

Be well, friends!

PS Happy long weekend, Canadian folk. I have a day and night away! May yours be peachy too!