weekend pieces

Tea, summer fruit and no reason to hurry. A road trip, a farmhouse and family. Thirsty land, the shade of trees and a red-hot thunderstorm. Charcoal barbeques, music outdoors, farmhouse treasures. Ice cream, stories and hills rolling by.

Every weekend should be a long weekend, don’t you agree? We spent a couple of days at my brother’s farmhouse, arriving on the hottest, most sultry day of the year (having last visited on the coldest!) But there’s something about being surrounded by acres of green, as far as the eye can see, that is calming under the cloak of humidity. A spectacular thunderstorm rolled in, putting a sudden end to the music the kids were playing. Un-plugging of gear and a human-chain carrying amps, guitars and drums got everything safely into the house. By morning, rain had doused the sizzle outside bringing a freshness that awakened me to how much I miss living in an old house, surrounded by pastures and room to simply, slowly unwind …

What did your weekend bring?


photos by: bliss {in images}