creative space: maria ivanova

As an illustrator who also creates graphic, textile and ceramic art, Maria Ivanova’s studio in St. Petersburg Russia is lush with colour, inspiration at every turn, and magical light. There’s an ethereal quality to both the artist and her space that’s captured so exquisitely by photographer Maria Pavlova. This is the kind of space that I could retreat to for hours, happily lost in solitude, content to make art as the light fell across the floor … and worries dissolved. As Maria Ivanova shares:

“I’m trying to match the spiritual power of old masters with modern art to make my works bright, heartwarming and understandable. If it could cure someone’s soul, give comfort and sincere affection, I would be happy.”

A special thankyou to Maria Pavlova for sharing her photos so wholeheartedly. I’m ready to climb into a little corner of any one of them …


photos by: maria pavlova