creative space: artemis russell and nao utsumi

Some time ago, an artist friend and I installed ourselves in a bookstore with a glut of chai, a pile of magazines and a good dose of catch-up chat. I mentioned my idea for a blog feature exploring the spaces people create in. With excitement, she mentioned photographer Alun Callender’s series Women and Their Sheds in Country Living UK, celebrating that very thing. The title alone won me over, leading me to track down the series on Alun’s blog.

And as one good search almost always leads you elsewhere, I eventually discovered  Artemis Russell and Nao Utsumi’s spectacular his-and-her backyard sheds. This prolific duo has teamed up to create a blog Junkaholique as well as on-line shops The Bucket Tree (featuring vintage housewares and accessories) and Rust (showcasing stunning, handcrafted jewelry). Living in a tiny one-bedroom flat in South London, Artemis’ solution to some much-needed creative space was to transform a garden shed where she weaves, sews and gets her craft on. Nao followed suit by building his own, a place to do leather-working and restore vintage finds.

I can’t think of any other 4×6 ft. spaces that have so easily and completely captured my heart. Small is most definitely extraordinary!


photos by: artemis russell & nao utsumi for junkaholique