three is best

The Wonder Girl descended on the house for a babysit-turned-sleepover on Saturday. And what had begun as a 5am start preparing for the Farmer’s Market, ended with the two of us, dinner in laps, asleep in front of a Christmas movie. In between there was the unveiling of her painted-on eyebrows, the rediscovery of Christmas decorations, and the counting of nesting Santas, acorns, and clementine slices lined up end-to-end across the table. That, and a whole lot of impeccable three-year old logic (most of which I full-on bought) including:

I need my dessert now. I be too tired after dinner.

I don’t know which delighted her more in the morning—our jam selection or the first snow of the season. But seeing her face light up stamped joy all over the day …