creative space: amy merrick

Floral design and Amy Merrick are a style relationship that should last forever. With a background in fashion design but a desire to switch paths, she landed at Saipua where she cut her floral arranging chops for two years. When the time came to move on, she worked from her Brooklyn apartment—flowers, buckets, soil and all. Last year, she summoned the grit to search for studio space and grow her business. Amy tells the story of this search and her start-up in such a way that your stomach clutches at the risks she took, and your heart simply soars because she did. Her blog bursts with a passion for ephemera, antiques, textiles and of course, all things botanical. I’ve followed it from beginning to end, happily lost amongst the blooms and stories as they unfold. Flowers in winter? Oh, yes. Right now!

Amy transformed her studio space in Brooklyn from these bare bones:

to this …

I’ll be soaking up this space all winter long …

amy merrick photographed by: parker fitzgerald for kinfolk and jen causey