happy new year!

Farewells make my heart leap … and sink, just a little. This year has carried me through all kinds of changes. It’s tossed me up and set me gently back down, all the wiser for the stumbling and I hope, more compassionate. I’ve been blessed by the love and radiant kindness of family, friends and you. Each one of you makes a difference and your presence here is deeply felt. I’m thankful for this space we share and for your visits. You’ve made me laugh and smile ’til it aches. You’ve extended friendship that feels like kin; the best kind of kinfolk!

In the midst of all you’ve accomplished and even in all that you’ve hesitatingly begun, I hope you’ve found time to honour the courage it’s taken to show the world a little more of who you really are. And I hope that you’ll continue to slow down and find awe in everyday beauty as it lays itself before you. Taking the time to turn over those moments like curious, beautiful stones, collecting the ones that matter and casting away those that weigh you down.

Thank you, readers and friends! I wish you much bliss in the new year.

J xx

stop the glorification of busy

tree trail


winter footbridge

forest sun

earl grey tea

tea with honey

vintage teacup

photos by: bliss {in images}