weekend bits

The Weekend. How I love the sound of those two words! Mine was spent tempering busyness with doses of vitamin C and herbs to blockade the cold symptoms burrowing in my chest—I’m the last woman standing in this house. And I was determined to get the refinishing of my drafting table underway.

After much head-banging and struggling with the sander’s clamp (entailing a fruitless on-line search for the manual, a long-distance grumble to my cabinet-maker brother and the antidote of a very large piece of cake) I finally discovered how to release the damn thing and change the paper. And presto—the surface is now sanded and the first coat of stain has gone on! Being an older table, it has a bit of a curious, wonky bow. I decided that short of really going at it with the sander to level it even more than I had, I’d simply embrace it’s slight unevenness and rather lovely traces of distress.

So, tomorrow my perfectly imperfect beauty will receive a second coat of stain, her base will be painted a crisp white and the iron hardware treated to a fresh coat of black Tremclad. My heart raced when I discovered her in the window of a thrift store. She’s a near replica of the one I had when I was 21 and living in my first solo apartment (no more roomates or boyfriends!) in Toronto. I loved that table and apartment equally well, so it seems serendipitous and beautifully cyclical to have found another to grace my petite, creative space in the attic.

What else … There was much baking and prettying and eating of cupcakes, reading and lounging in bed with the cat life, planning of next week’s café menu, roaming of hardware stores, planning of creative space, and spinning of ideas for a soon-to-be-launched food endeavor. I was craving a walk in the woods, a communion with the land, but although balmy, the rain and snowplows have turned the skies grey and the landscape tired-looking. Nesting felt just right.

It’s been a good couple of days. A time to unwind and recoup energy. A time to lie quietly in bed and take stock of all the possibilities and opportunities this new year holds …










chocolate cupcakes with buttercream