doily cookies: part two

With Valentine’s day just up ahead, it’s a perfect time for creating some sweet ‘n special treats. My original doily cookies have been so well-loved and shared, that another batch seemed just the right thing for some weekend baking. I’ve worked out a couple of new tips for you—tried, oh-so-tasted and true!

To avoid cookies that “puff” as they’re baking (thereby losing some of your beautiful doily print) omit leavening agents: say no to baking powder or baking soda. And to further preserve your doily print, freeze cookies on a baking sheet for 15 minutes just prior to baking. Don’t over-bake these beauties: 8-10 minutes depending on their size, or just until the edges are barely golden.

Happy baking, friends. And just as importantly, happy eating!


imprinting doily cookie dough




heart-shaped-doily-cookieIMPROVED RECIPE!

doily cookie recipe