lotions, potions and tinkering

Lately, with the busyness of work and a side project under wraps, nothing has rivaled the anticipation of unplugging on weekend mornings. Turning the ringer off the house phone, shutting off my mobile, and leaving the alarm unset has been, well, blissful. And there isn’t anything better in my books than an unscheduled weekend. So, when Number Four called me on Saturday from his dad’s and asked if I was free to have lunch with him, it felt incredibly good to simply say yes. No cancelling or moving around of plans required, just an all-out yes to my boy.

I spent the rest of the weekend in tinker-and-putter mode. I’ve wanted a tray for my lovely, old soaker tub for a very long time. And having seen how outrageously over-priced they are, I decided to make my own by re-purposing a pine shelf. After cutting it to size, I gave it two coats of all-in-one stain and polyurethane leftover from my drafting table re-do. To prevent the tray from sliding and plunking into the tub, I screwed two small blocks of wood to the underside at each end, to meet the walls of the tub—and presto, it was rock steady. With re-purposing on the brain, I pulled out the vintage invoice/memo holders I found at my favourite, new shop in town and put them to use above my drawing table. Small projects are hugely satisfying when time is scarce!

The weekend wrapped up as spontaneously as it began, with a dinner invitation from friends who I’ve been sorely missing, despite the fact that we’re neighbours. Having the chance to hang out with their three-year-old (who is all things divine) and tuck into food that someone else made (with heaps of love and care) was such a treat for this cook!

So, between the cups of tea and reading, the tinkering, puttering and the eating, I managed to avoid the laundry-doing and grocery shopping—until tonight, that is.

I hope the weekend gave you a chance to unplug as well!


















photos by: bliss {in images}