I came home from work yesterday, fairly desperate to sink into pillows and fold up beneath blankets. A cold had chased me relentlessly, moving faster than I could outrun it. Having managed to dodge cold and flu season, I’d been feeling perhaps a little too confident (and astonished all the same) that I was bullet proof. And sure enough, once I hit the pillows and surrendered, the jack-hammering of headache set in.  On a brighter note, I also came home to a kitchen made spotless by Number Three and her girlfriend. I cannot find words to describe the relief that swept over me, having left a disaster behind that morning. Several days of kids fighting colds and everyone arsing about meant I was dreading having to excavate a pile of dishes for a mere water-glass. I think we all know what it’s like to feel beyond crap, and have the smallest of kindnesses bring such enormous, desperate relief.

And by the way—aching bones, booming head and stinging throat aside—it’s officially spring! There is a window open beside my bed and this is nothing short of bloody miraculous. My weekend will be filled with magic headache pills, soothing teas with honey and lemon, throat lozenges—and sleep. Preferably hours upon hours of it. May yours be infinitely more exciting … or at least relaxing!











photos by: bliss {in images}