pillow time

It seems entirely greedy—given that I’ve just had time off work—to say that I’m looking forward to the up-coming long weekend. But the truth is I am. Oh, how I am. I was back in the café kitchen today and felt off my game. Nothing disastrous, no “sky is falling” fumbles (in fact, my gluten-free, fudgy brownies were said to be most excellent!) but my momentum was lagging and I certainly wasn’t feeling sharpish. My lovely boss-woman (truly, she is) popped in and told me I rather looked like a zombie. Apparently I wasn’t aware at all that I looked so pale. Fridge reflections can be deceiving it seems. At any rate, given the gift of an early afternoon leave, I’m back with the duvet and the cat. And the throat lozenges and the ginger-lemon concoctions …

The house is unusually quiet, sleep beckons and so does the weekend. Crossing fingers the Easter Bunny has a game plan figured out.


photo by: bliss {in images}