Why is it that a day off just flies by, no matter how you attempt to slow it down?! Today’s been a good day for puttering, and while this mini heat wave put the damper on some of my afternoon plans (baking a cake for a catering client, for one) I did knock a few things off my list. You know, the usual sorts of things that a busy work schedule wreaks havoc on: a clean supply of towels, undies, and a chance to stop and sweep both staircases instead of nudging the dust away with your toe while running out the door.

I was also seized by a hankering for sushi that I couldn’t be distracted from, so out came the mat! Seeing as how my kids have suffered through enough frozen crap lately (“emergency food”, where would we be without you?) I figured I’d restore their faith in me as someone who makes real food at home as well as the restaurant. Now, if you don’t at all care for the stuff, these photos won’t do a damn thing for you. But if you do, well, cheers! to a good tamari and wasabi dunk …