summer reading

As summer approaches, I’m always seduced by the notion of putting together a stack of books to leisurely work my way through—on a patio, in the garden, at a favourite café, and most definitely in bed. This summer, my weekends have “work” stamped all over them, but this hasn’t stopped me from scouring thrift stores to get the pile started for those mid-week days off. I do far too much reading on the laptop, which I pay for with a rotten neck and bastardly headache. And while I’d like to say that I don’t take it to bed with me … (no sympathy expected) … I definitely can’t slip out of the noose on that one. Book-reading is kinder on the bod, especially with a pillow tucked just-so, and a cup of tea close enough that you barely need to uncurl. And the feel of the paper as the pages are turned? So comforting! I’m ready to dive in . . .







photos by: bliss {in images}