cusp of summer

It’s become clear to me that I find breakfast rituals extremely soothing. They’re a way for me to set the tone for the day, or to reclaim some peace. I enjoy taking time to slow down and feel present while cooking and setting the table. Nothing difficult in the way of food or fussiness for the table—comfort is about simplicity for me. Savouring a cup of tea or mug of coffee with a bowl of yogourt and fruit, before anyone else is awake, is just as satisfying as a brunch extravaganza with the kids. There’s something about taking a few minutes to elevate an ordinary, daily task so that it holds joy, that I find so valuable. And that can be as simple as retrieving some mismatched china and a favourite, old teapot.

This morning, on the cusp of summer, Number Four rolled out of bed a little later than usual. With a challenging school year nearly over, I let him milk every minute of sleep and slipped outside, bare feet on damp grass, to snip the very last of the peonies. I didn’t have to be at the restaurant for 7 am, and he didn’t have to fend for himself on the breakfast front. One omelette, a bowl of fruit and a banana muffin later, and he was sailing out the door. And after running a few errands, I came home to spend the rest of the morning with a pot of tea, a book, a hefty portion of  blogs … and of course, a camera.

I hope your morning rolled out beautifully as well. Happy almost summer!









photos by: bliss {in images}