the slow side of morning

This is day two of a week off from work. I have a longing to unplug and find my centre of calm this week, far from extraneous noise and distraction. I’m limiting time spent on the computer, and when I do dabble, I’ll be frolicking in the deep end of blogs whose content washes over me with ease and whose spark awakens my creativity. Recently, for the first time in eons, I’ve been lost in painting. It’s been too long, that experience of having keen focus, senses buzzing and time simply falling away. I want and need so much more of that. And I’ve been cherishing my time spent reading; this summer’s book pile is slowly diminishing. I feel a quickening in my chest and excitement rising at the prospect of curling up, drawing a book towards me and giving myself over fully to the world between those covers.

My Number Four and I are planning a bike ride and picnic, and this weekend we’ll be out of town for a family gathering at my brother’s farmhouse. The rest of the week is completely unscheduled and wide open to whim. I’m fairly ecstatic about stepping out of the restaurant kitchen and stepping back into the rest of my life.

I hope this week brings wonder and discovery your way as well!