munch. enjoy. repeat!

Have you latched onto certain foods, flavour combos or recipes that you eat repeatedly and never seem to grow tired of? I have a weakness for a number of things that, inexplicably, I could eat ’til absolutely forever, without exhausting my interest or yearning. Combinations both slightly wacky, and perfectly ordinary: short grain brown rice, peanut sauce and grated, old cheddar; poached eggs, avocado and Sriracha (hot sauce); puffed rice crackers with almond butter and sprouts. And the latest—a salad that Jillian recently shared on her splendid Noisy Plume. The instant I glimpsed it, I had to make it pronto! Jillian’s recipe was lovely and streamlined: green lentils, red onion, red cabbage, currants and almond slices with a raspberry-olive oil vinaigrette and a hint of cumin. A salad filled with everything I adore, and so very easy to toss together.

I did make some modifications to the original recipe. In part, because I used ingredients already on hand. But equally because few recipes pass my way without some mod or other! So green lentils appeared in the first go round, and brown lentils (equally tasty, though not as colourful) in the second. I used dried cranberries instead of currants (as they were on hand) and embellished the salad with grated beets, thinly sliced English cucumbers, feta and fresh dill.

Being someone who tolerates few dairy products (old cheddar and firm, crumbly feta are on the A-list) I’m always thrilled when my gut hums happily along. The pairing of salty feta with the tang of the raspberry vinaigrette and the earthiness of the cumin is just so darn killer. Finger-in-bowl-licking killer.

I made a heaping bowl yesterday, which we tucked into with abandon. Tonight I was hoping to get stuck-in with a movie and snack on a bowl of leftovers. But the kids, it seems, had hoovered the remains … Clearly a sign that I’m meant to indulge my craving once more.

Happy weekending, friends. Ours is long one. Yet another thing I enjoy in repetition!