Crossing the finish line

casper & pearl

Today was Red Circle Day and I made it to the finish line. My last day in the resto kitchen. Every part of my being feels flooded with relief and satisfaction. The crazy mixed-up-edness of that experience is now relegated to the kitchen files. Like any restaurant kitchen, some stories are worth telling, others not. And then there are the ones you’d rather you didn’t know. So it goes, like life itself: one unwieldy challenge wrangled and so many others that lie ahead.

My glorious Number Two completed a college program this year and is off to university tomorrow, where he’ll be settling into new digs. I am trying (really trying) not to hover, but am mostly failing at that (and am already imagining his empty freezer filled with my food gifts). It’s Labour Day Weekend in these Canadian parts. Our last long weekend fling of the summer. Number Three was born on Labour Day, 19 years ago. A fitting day for baby-having. All 1.5 hours of it from start to finish. Whew! So, happy almost birthday to my feisty girl who walks this earth so boldly, with an exquisite sensibility.

I’m taking the next two days, before the new job begins, to squeeze the remains of some R & R out of this summer. Happy weekending, my friends!

casper and pearl

photos courtesy of: casper & pearl