hello, september!

Welcome to the week, friends. We’ve landed fully in September!?! This past weekend was the first I’ve not worked since spring. I’ve quickly eased back into a M-F routine, having a “real” weekend now. And you know what? It does feel different. Better than those mid-week days off that never quite felt weekend-like.

Saturday was a zipping around day. And Sunday morning I lay in bed with the window open, the curtains fluttering, the aroma of a neighour’s breakfast floating in on the breeze, stirring my appetite. The church bells rang across the road. I wanted to do everything—and nothing at all. Settling, as the day went on, for a list with as many rewards as must-dos: toss laundry on and change sheets/head back to bed with tea; pack a box to send to Number Two/indulge in a magazine; tackle dishes and clean kitchen/bake (and eat!) apple pies; store summer bedding and unpack autumn blankets/create a new playlist and fire up my camera; make vegan wraps for Number Three and her friends/watch a movie. I was nearly lured outside—it was gorgeous—but instead remained happily hermit-like. I felt spoilt for choice. And loved every instant of it. I hope you’re carrying some good things into your week as well.