table talk

The weekend seems to have flown by, and I’m greedily wanting just one more day! But it did feel very satisfying to clear a few must dos from the deck (hello, freshly laundered everything!) and still have space in the day to roam. I don’t know about you, but I find it revitalizing not being tethered to an alarm clock. I habitually wake up on work time, reach for the clock with one eye open, and feeling reassured that it is in fact the weekend (and that I’m not late for work), I slip back into oblivion for another hour or so … And then to the kitchen, in search of all things breakfast. Weekend breakfast rules my world! It’s a favourite way to slow down and show myself some care.

I’m anticipating a busy work week, excited by the prospect of autumn menu planning at the little café. This soup lover is in her glory! I’m also excited about my weekend thrift store score. A bundle of mid-century “Lotte” design tableware. As a kid, my mother had a full set, so this design is such a signifier of that time in my life. And now I find myself pulled towards it once again. I scooped a bunch of it for absolute peanuts! Hats off to artist Turi Gramstad Oliver (she who rocked the Norwegian design world). And hats off to Value Village for once again failing to recognize the real gems (whilst always over-pricing the rubbish). Oops … my gain.

PS I spy Bluebirdbaby on the table too! (Thanks, Heather … I’m nearly ready to relinquish your copy.)












photos by: bliss {in images}