no bonfire, no problem

I went to a work shindig not long ago. The night air was crisp but the backyard bonfire was spectacular in the way that bonfires are, drawing everyone closer to the hub of warmth. Sitting there, I found myself longing for marshmallows, a bonfire must-have. This turned to talk about how to toast a marshmallow to a state of marshmallow bliss with more than a few opinions about what constituted just the right stick. But as we were already lulled into a fireside trance, hunting down marshmallows just wasn’t going to happen that night.

With the weather remaining cold (and getting colder!) thoughts of toasted marshmallows haven’t been easily budged. Which is to say that when Number Four came home after school today, he walked in on this bit of serendipity …




And this …


Together we polished off more than a few good S’mores and mugs of chai super-charged with froth. S’mores are truly iconic North American campfire fare: graham crackers, choco and marshmallows. Full stop.



And as it turned out, these babies never even made it out of the kitchen. We stood around the butcher block instead, catching chocolate drips and licking fingers, realizing that we had completely hijacked dinner …


photos by: bliss {in images}