repurposed sweater tea cosy

Trigger Warning: talk of tea cosies, yarn and craftiness. (Yawns may ensue … )

Yesterday the cold and whipping winds made it burrowing weather. I toyed with the notion of sinking deeper into the burrow and not leaving the house at all. But eventually I gave in to the pull of a latte and the need to roam a bookstore. I ran into a friend at Chapters and as usually happens, we herded a great pile of books and magazines and settled in for a GOOD LONG WHILE pouring over craft, food and design ideas. Now, sadly (unlike my genius friend) I am neither a knitter nor a seamstress. But I do have enough ingenuity and pigheadedness to not let those limitations get in the way of my need to craft. Having spied a knitted tea cosy in the gift section, I became rapidly unhinged by its cuteness as I approached it. That is, until I turned over its price tag. At which point I sobered up immediately—and scoffed out loud. I was in no danger of doling out that kind of money. And after examining it, I was (fairly) certain I could wrangle up something like it given the pile of old sweaters I had and my newly injected crafting adrenaline.

So this morning I tore through my basket of sweaters and seized upon the one. Armed with a pair of sharp scissors, a needle, thread and some ribbon, I set to work. Two cups of tea down the hatch and I had produced a “sweater tea cosy” from one of the sleeves. Feeling pretty thrilled with my sub-par talents and fully obsessed at that point, I pirated the body of the sweater and made a larger one. Quite remarkably, there was very little frustration involved! When it came to creating a seam and running a ribbon through the bottom of the larger cosy, I discovered that at one point the ribbon wouldn’t move. Sure enough, I had attached it to the yarn. A couple of snips later and it was moving again, just like a draw-string should.

And so I bring you the tea pots in all their knitted glory. (I figure, as long as I don’t turn my obsession toward dressing the cat, everything’s alright … )









photos by: bliss {in images}