first snow

I happened to look out the kitchen window this morning as I was washing dishes and discovered snowflakes falling! I lay down the dish towel and walked over to the window, enjoying the magnitude of such a small moment. As I always do, I took in all the details of this first day of snow: Astrud Gilberto was signing The Girl From Ipanema; the scent of fresh cedar gathered earlier and a balsam candle burning, filled the room; the cat leapt to the window sill; a pot of tea was steeping; and the phone rang persistently in the living room …

And now there’s no trace of those fleeting flakes. They were here long enough to hint at what’s to come. The cat and I went back to bed with fortifications. Tea and oranges and chocolate for me. A woolen blanket for her. And when I signed in to read email, the Oxford English Dictionary’s online Word of the Day greeted me. It was Jolly Hockey Sticks. Ha!

Happy weekending, friends. I’m very grateful for your warm words this week. And how your presence fills these pages with absolute comfort. Thank you. X

PS I’ve felt restless on the blog design front lately and needed a refresher. This new layout has been a good pick-me-up. Zapping the winter blues before they get too settled around here!