sunday slowly

This November day is grey and sombre and book-ended with rain.  It’s the kind of dampness that clings to you throughout the day. The kind that you never really warm up from unless you plunge deeply into a hot bath.

It’s been a day for slow food and slow blogging. Both done with intention and the awareness that even time itself is delicious when slowed down. It’s been a day for long phone conversations with family and making plans for the holiday. And it’s been a day for bringing priorities into focus, becoming even more clear about what’s worth sweating over and what is merely distraction. A day to reflect on the past few weeks—the bitter and the sweet of life.

I was thinking about making breakfast before I even got out of bed this morning, so strong was my hankering for crêpes. I haven’t made them since the summer and it was time to christen a new bottle of maple syrup. So, gluten-free crêpes it was, filled with spiced apple, bananas and fresh berries. Topped with pecans and warm maple syrup. Savoury biscuits with apple butter made by friends, and soft boiled eggs with toast soldiers.

The house is empty of children now and filled with other movements instead. I hear the clock ticking steadily from the kitchen … the furnace hums … the clothes dryer tumbles from down the hall … cars move more slowly in the rain past the living room window. The cat comes in from the rain and roams from one room to the next until she finally settles. There’s nothing extraordinary in any of this. It’s the ordinariness of it that fills me with comfort.