my lately



Remnants of Christmas signal the end of the holiday and soon a closure to the year: the tree has sacrificed ornaments to the cats; the last of the cookies and bits of turkey and cranberry are savoured; wrapping paper and strands of ribbon pop up in the oddest places and are bundled away; spruce boughs are found underfoot and rescued for their fleeting beauty.

My boys and I have been in Toronto this past week and with rarely a need to look at the calendar, one day has melded into the next. I must remind myself what day it is and just as quickly realize that I don’t really need to know. Besides checking in on the well-being of my girl who’s tending to house and cat back home, I’ve been free to enjoy being adrift. It’s been a quiet Sunday. Quiet by intention, in the way I yearn for as any ordinary week would unwind. The cats encircle each other as they fall into an afternoon’s worth of napping, sidling close to me on the bed as I read. The kids and I have visited and reminisced with family, had heaps of sensational food and belly laughs. And while I can’t say that I’m indifferent to the grey pallor the sky has cast upon our days—oh, how I miss the sunshine!— it’s been a full and hearty holiday.

Tomorrow we head home, on the brink of 2014. This new year will bring meaningful change to our family: a move to Toronto, a change of work and school, and a wedding. And personal resolutions portend exciting, inner change. I’m already eagerly strapping on my seat belt and deepening my breathing …

I hope your holiday has been illuminated by the most simple pleasures. I hope you’ve been able to take some time to share that wonder with those around you. But most of all, I hope that joy has found you, when you least expected to feel its warmth.

Thank you, friends, for the love and peace that your presence brings me. It’s been my pleasure to share these pages with you. And I’m so looking forward to embracing the new year along with you!





photos by: bliss {in images}