baby, it’s damn cold outside

We’re experiencing full-on WINTER. The kind of cold that claws and stings. The kind of cold that summons every inch of your fortitude before you even step outside. And when you do, everything underfoot squeaks and snaps. Yesterday I spent the morning doing errands and when I returned home, I noticed what looked like a curious pattern of snow on the glass pane of the front door. It was quite beautiful … until I realized that the frost lay on the inside of the door. This led to the discovery that the entire house was, of course, icy cold; apparently the furnace had conked out. Thankfully, the service call resulted in a quick and easy fix. But the remainder of the day was spent barricaded under quilts with a steady stream of hot drinks, until the house slowly regained its warmth. The cat has been confused as to why she’s allowed outside on milder days but jailed the next, and further tormented by a group of pigeons squatting near my bedroom window.Β  I’ve set up my hibernation station filled with all the essentials (by which I mean tea and hot chocolate and more tea). Maybe tomorrow I’ll put on my parka, wind four feet of woolen scarf around my neck, and fall in love again with winter. But that’s tomorrow …