hibernation station


I’ve taken burrowing in these sub-zero temps to a new level. I’m firmly installed in my Hibernation Station (aka my bed nestled in an alcove under the pitch of the attic roof). It’s like nesting in a grown-up fort without even pretending you want to leave the house. I’m so happily cut-off from the outside, I’m seriously considering setting an alarm to remind myself to collect Number Four at the Greyhound station tomorrow …

My HS must-haves: hot choco, soup, tea, candles, Season 4 of Downton Abbey, laptop, books, cat, music … and the dreaded oil of oregano to stomp out the faint scratching of a cold. Oh, and all the blankets my king-sized bed will hold. Which is a lot. I’m thinking I’d better practice doing the human act before these two-weeks of holidays comes to a screeching halt tomorrow. Or at least take a shower.

Happy Weekending, friends. I hope your hibernating is going splendidly.



photos by: bliss {in images}