nippy sweetie

The Oxford English Dictionary’s online word of the day (conveniently delivered to my inbox) is nippy sweetie. Arguably, that’s more than one word. But if the OED wants to hijack a noun, who am I to fuss about it?  According to the Brits, a nippy sweetie is “a drink of spirits, esp. of whisky”. On yet another snow-blown day when it is in fact nippy, sweetie, a nippy sweetie is nothing to argue with. I’m sold.

But 13 year-olds don’t get nippy sweeties in this house, no matter how blinking cold it is. They get warm raspberry oat and banana chocolate muffins. And when they smile their once again lovely smile—after losing their innards to stomach flu this past week—they also get the breakfast sandwich of their choice. Because inarguably, mothers oughta serve bacon instead of whisky for breakfast …



photos by: bliss {in images}

Happy weekending, friends. To be continued …