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pink carnation tops

These past couple of weeks have been busy at work. Translation? There were no Valentine baked goods at home! Did I feel a slight pang that customers received strawberry-filled sandwich cookies with white chocolate, and not my kids? Sort of. But I was too fatigued to give it much thought. (Apologies to my kinder who read this blog …) At any rate, I hope your V-Day was as relaxing and love-filled as you wished it to be. Personally, I don’t like being herded in the direction of mandatory expressions of good cheer. There are hundreds more days left in this year to reap and share some good love!

Two quite wonderful surprises are percolating right now, so more on that when the details come into better focus. We’re enjoying a long-weekend in Canada and … The Sun Is Shining! This is mostly a very big deal. Having lost much of my sanity (and a lens cap) to the snow, I’m so looking forward to spring.

On the home front, my brunch date with Number Four looked like this: homemade cinnamon waffles with heaps of fresh fruit, raspberry coulis and maple syrup for him. And frittata with salad for me. I’ve been risking gluten intake this past month, in the hopes that I can safely indulge my hunger or emotional pangs, but no dice. I’ve been made sick by eating it. And after having been through a stomach bug, a self-induced gluten nightmare is hardly what my gut needs. That bit of nastiness aside, frittata is a fantastic gluten-free option. I like to make mine with a potato base—either sweet or yellow flesh. Although it’s traditional to begin it in a skillet and finish it in the oven, I bake mine in a ceramic dish from start to finish. Today’s frittata was jammed full of roasted zucchini and red peppers, caramelized onion, aged cheddar, fresh tarragon and cilantro on a sweet potato base. With a handful of dressed greens, cukes, avocado and walnuts on the side I was as happy as the waffle-eater.

And to perk up the table—and our spirits—we had a date with some pink blooms. Truth be told, I’m not typically a fan of the grocery-store carnation. But as I am a huge proponent of “cheap and cheerful”, the sweet blush of these ones meant I couldn’t pass them by.

Tomorrow means not having to set an alarm, turning house-chaos into organization, baking a gluten-free apple pie, and actually enjoying being outside!

I hope the weekend’s been good to you.

pink carnations

pink carnation bouquet