powered by oats (and thoughts of spring)

Despite the fact that our three-day weekend sped by, it felt luxurious to have Monday off. After lolling about in bed as long as possible, I headed to the kitchen to make us bowls of oatmeal—instant power for even more lolling.



I’ve discovered that the single most important ingredient in both falling asleep and waking feeling relaxed, is unplugging from the computer (and all forms of roaming on it) at least an hour before going to bed. So I’ve banned myself from late-night usage. This is a tough one, because like anything habitual, it requires a shift in mindset and self-talk. Along with this, I’ve been enforcing a regular bedtime by setting an alarm to make that happen. Apparently I need to get tough with myself. The upshot of this is that I’ve noticed a profound difference in my well-being when I’ve been book-reading instead of laptop-reading before sleep. For me, having a browser open invites jumping wildly from one tab to another, and late at night, it all becomes one large sink hole. The hour becomes far too late and I wake not only to an alarm set for 6:15 am, but a surge of anxiety—my thoughts simply haven’t switched off. My mind is far more stilled when the pages of a book are my only focus. No matter what anyone says, the fact remains that you can’t curl up with an e-reader or laptop, at least not in the way that a book provides comfort. And I’ve tried …

I think most of us Northerners are more than ready to usher out this last leg of winter. Movement is so challenging when the snow and bitter cold feel insurmountable. Recently, I was going through some of my older photographs. When I came across images of flowers in bloom, I stopped and lapped up the colour, so desperate was I for the reassurance that winter too will shift. I find myself magnetized to blogs that are already showing signs of spring. Being someone who likes to get her hands into soil, I’m easily captivated by photos of gardens in their early stages. And flowers. Always flowers.

On that note, I bring you some of last year’s favourite blooms. Be well, friends.


















photos by: bliss {in images}