week’s end

This has been a week book-ended by challenges and difficult news to bear. One of those weeks that seems to grow more impossible from start to finish. It hasn’t been without bright spots (one of which I’ll be sharing with you on Monday) but it’s been punctuated by tears, uncertainty, Advil, and at last … some grit.

We’ve had a day at home. A chance for me to turn down the noise and reflect on how I want to move through and beyond these challenges. It’s been a day of simple baking. A small offering to my kids. A way of bringing warmth to an otherwise harsh day.

I read something recently that struck right at my core. Perhaps these are words that will give you some encouragement as well and so I share them:

“You just have to keep carrying the flame inside you. No matter how hard it gets to be, you carry that goddamn fire. It’s a hard world. Life is hard. But no matter what, you carry that fire, and you don’t let go.”

Fruit crisps in winter nourish weary souls and chilly bodies. Baking at home soothes me. Creating curls of apple peels and slicing dark cherries. Rolling oats, butter, flour and brown sugar between my fingers. Watching fruit steam and bubble beyond the boarders of a crumble topping. The gratitude and happiness of my kids who receive it. All those things. And all this …








photos by: bliss {in images}