a little yin :: a little yang

This past week, I walked home in the late afternoon,zoe-kate drenched in impossible sunshine. It truly was the golden hour and I clung to the prospect of days like this unfolding for months to come. For the first time since autumn, I spied patches of green; small treasures emerging from the snow. I side-stepped puddles as water rushed downhill through cracks in the ice. Off came my hat and scarf. I even flirted with the notion of unzipping my coat—pure bravado. It was an afternoon meant to be savoured. And the very next day …

Everything and everyone was buried beneath an avalanche of snow. Just when we dared to think that spring had found us, a parka was barely warm enough to cope with a snowfall that showed no signs of letting up. The temperature fell mightily and so did our humour. My Number One was the parka poster girl.

Is there anything more tiresome than a Canadian who complains about winter? (Alright … don’t answer that). We’ve landed at the weekend. And that, my friends, is something to breathe a sigh of relief over, snow and all! I’m more than a bit excited about a dinner-drinks meeting in Toronto early next week, with someone from Jamie Oliver’s London headquarters. GAH! Now that will be a whole lotta fun. So take that, winter!

Stay warm and wonderful, friends. X