How have you all been? It’s been a full and busy week over here. Monday night’s dinner and drinks meet up in Toronto left me with aching cheeks I laughed so hard. It was a night for the books! And as I wasn’t the one on UK time, I got off lightly when I had the next day off.

Today’s been a day for retreating (back to bed) and slowing it all down. With a move to Toronto planned for August, I’m taking a break from attempting to map out an overwhelming number of details. I’m also staring down the reality of a job which will soon end, and the need to source enough work to fill the gap until moving takes place. The kids are standing in the thick of it too: there’s a grade 8 graduation on the horizon as well as a wedding, University and work demands to meet, and personal challenges to move through. In short, I’m taking a break from trying to imagine how the synchronicity of all of this will unfold. There is chaos in my head and today, I banish it. Oh, LIFE. You are nothing if not deliriously and deliciously unpredictable.

I hope you’re finding some time to retreat and restore yourself. Life is not perfect—far from it. But today I remind myself that it is perfectly beautiful.

Happy weekending, friends! X











photos by: bliss {in images}