quinoa-vegie bowls with tahini-lemon and wasabi dressing


Each week at the café, I make a grain-based bowl packed with roasted and raw vegies, marinated tempeh, and a dressing or sauce worth dipping your fingers in. This is one of my favourite meals in a bowl, so it comes as no surprise that I’ve heartily imprinted that food-love on our customers—and my kids. I made a quinoa bowl at work today, so it was no stretch to carry that over and mix it up at home. I do enjoy firm organic tofu, but for my taste, organic tempeh can’t be beat for texture and nutty flavour. It adapts beautifully to marinade and whether you pan-fry or oven-roast it, you can’t go wrong. I encourage you to hunt some down and give it a go!

A word or two about the recipes below (because for you, my lovelies, I grabbed pen and paper!). I tried to accurately record my measurements, but please trust your own tastes. You can be confident that they’re a very close approximation of what I’ve done, but you know what it’s like to chop garlic and ginger, or tip tamari into a bowl—sometimes more is more! So if you like more (or less) garlic, ginger or lemon, jazz it accordingly. I diced and roasted sweet potato and zucchini, tossed in olive oil, sea salt and coarse black pepper. Raw vegies add a great snap: red pepper, grated carrot, grape tomatoes and cucumber. The marinade will cover one 240 gr/8.5 oz package of tempeh, so adjust quantities as you need. I like to top my bowls with sprouts, herbs or greens, so today I used cilantro and arugula. Arugula’s peppery bite, combined with the slight nip from the wasabi, gives me that kick I love. If you want to add or eliminate an ingredient (swap out the grain, mix up the vegies, substitute tofu or the dressing) play around with it and design to your heart’s content. But most of all—ENJOY!

ginger tempeh-marinade-recipe.jpg

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anatomy of a quinoa vegie bowl