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I said goodbye to the café last week as the door closed for the end of the University year. And from there, I headed straight into some massive catering jobs. It was a bittersweet week knowing that with my up-coming move to Toronto, I wouldn’t be returning for a third season. On our last day, the number of people who offered me their heartfelt thanks left me feeling overwhelmed. One student’s tears brought me to tears when she said:

There are so many things I want to thank you for! When I was having a difficult day I’d come here and just seeing your smiling face would make me feel better. I want to thank you for all the wonderful food you made that kept me fed. And I want to thank you for giving me Rescue Remedy (a Bach Flower homeopathic tincture). It’s become part of my life now—my friends too.

One afternoon she’d come into the café moments after hearing some traumatic news. She was a regular visitor and her distress was unmistakable. So I popped out from the kitchen and sat down with her. And after talking for a while, I retrieved some Rescue Remedy from my bag, explained its calming properties, and offered her some. As we chatted, her anxiety rapidly subsided, her emotions became less wobbly, and she was able to catch her breath. She left some time later with a friend and the remaining half bottle of tincture. Her smile was restored and she felt fortified. Enough, at least, to confront the difficulty that lay before her.

Nourishing people is elemental to life. When food is made with joy and care, those who receive it absorb not only nutrients but intention. And both imprint body, mind and spirit. In feeding students, faculty and community members, I felt as though I was contributing some small amount of sustenance to their lives. I offered them honest ingredients and pure intention and I received so much love back. Every industry has its dark side, but in all the years I spent working behind a desk, I never experienced the creative highs or the immediate fulfillment that comes from working with food and seeing someone nourished and content.

And now it’s on to catering and patching together enough work to keep this family of mine fed and humming until our move this summer. It’s daunting, to be sure. But really, when does life stop throwing challenges our way? I’ll get back to you on the daunting part!

For now, some little bites and relaxing breakfasts …



breakfast bowls of oatmeal












photos by: bliss {in images}