tea every day

If there was any lingering despair that it might just keep on snowing, the rain has moved in to announce it’s truly spring. At last. We finished a catering job today, leaving the afternoon wide open. So home I went to put the kettle on, pen a card to a friend, pull a blanket near, and watch as the rain fell in sheets against the living room windows. There’s nothing extraordinary about any of this. Only the companionable silence of a house usually unoccupied mid-afternoon.

The cat naps, the scent of ginger-molasses cookies floats from the kitchen and I have time to contemplate dinner, without summoning a last-minute burst of energy to bing it together. The sound of the clock ticking in the kitchen breaks the silence until the kids return home, drenched and ravenous. Time for another cup of tea. Enough time to take time.






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photos by: bliss {in images}