and now for something blissfully different: ayala bar

I walked home from work today amidst fleeting sunshine, a cup of chai in hand. My gaze drifted towards the windows of our small downtown shops, each revamped for spring. One display in particular caused me to stop dead in my tracks. I crouched, head tilted to tease out the details. Eager to get a closer look, I popped inside and discovered that the jewels that caught my eye were the work of Israeli designer Ayala Bar. Set against a Frida Kahlo-inspired backdrop, there was much sucking in of breath on my part. I made a beeline home to do some digging online, and discovered Ayala Bar’s extensive spring catalogue including “Frida”, “Riviera Maya” and “Tulum” collections.

Baubles, blooms, Bar and Kahlo. A dazzling end to the afternoon. And some food for thought for a soon-to-be bride with a soft spot for Frieda!

PS Happy May Day, flower crowns and all. X




ayala bar 2


ayala bar 9


ayala bar 4