my lately

chocolate cake slice

This cake! It just keeps on giving. Yesterday Number Four left the tell tale signs of cake-as-appetizer on the breakfast table. Who knew cereal required an appetizer? It’s Mother’s Day this weekend, and I plan to spend it doing a whole lot of unscheduled nothing. Which amounts to my perfect Sunday. Number One’s wedding takes place next month. I am only slightly bulldozed by awe … I didn’t find a dress last weekend while zipping around Toronto. But of course, as soon as I arrived home and fired up the laptop, I found the dress of my dreams online at Top Shop. Good grief it’s divine. So back I’ll go to the city to meet it in person and slink it on. Here’s hoping we’re a match made in Kate Moss dress heaven.

Number Four travels to NYC later this month for his Grade 8 grad trip. Today we finalized the paperwork and he’s good to travel! This boy is brimming with anticipation and excitement. And to tell you the truth, with the itinerary laid before him, I’d be there in a heartbeat if I could. I have a feeling his bags will be packed any minute now.

Tomorrow I’m working at the Farmer’s Market, so crossing fingers that if this rain continues, it’s the lovely sort. I hope the weekend treats you gently, friends. Happy Mother’s Day to all the spectacular women I know and love. X