happy weekending


The long weekend is about to unfold. How good do those words sound? Mine is filled with one part work (Farmer’s Market. Love it.) and two parts relaxation, including a trip to Toronto to capture the elusive mother-of-the-bride dress. So please feel free to cross your collective fingers I don’t come home empty-handed. There’s no room in the dream for empty-handedness! With only one month left to locate this frock, the chase is on. I’m hoping that the Kate Moss (Top Shop) number I spied online fits flawlessly in the dressing room … I’ll even take close to flawless. You may not have ever looked for a mother-of-the-bride dress, but I can assure you that someone, somewhere created a template that has ruined us all: a matron bound in a living room curtain, festooned with a sash, a hat bolted to her head. Hence my trek to find the anti-mother-of-the-bride dress. One that doesn’t leave me feeling wild-eyed and fidgety. You can only go up from there …

Here’s wishing us all a restorative weekend! Tea. Adventure. And plenty of both. X








photos by: bliss {in images} | postcards available at: one canoe two