wedding bliss

On Friday, Zoë and Aaron tied the knot! Walking my girl down the aisle was one of the most momentous occasions of my life. The nerves didn’t strangle any of the excitement. Though having said that, I’m not sure I took in more than a single face in the audience of friends and family, so intent was I upon keeping my girl steady, walking (mostly!) in sync and reaching Aaron where he stood waiting!

It was exquisitely beautiful. Mexican wedding flags and tiny lights hung both inside and out. The tables were filled with a bounty of white flowers, candles and lace. White chandeliers cast a delicate glow on a room bursting with people eating, dancing, drinking, laughing and hugging each other. There was a treehouse set above a creek, incredible music, a spectacular fire juggling performance, a photo booth that was in constant use, and one helluva dance party! It truly was a magical night, exceeding anything I had imagined. But most importantly, the love that these two feel for each other filled the night, creating an atmosphere of comfort and pure joy. It’s all too easy to become jaded by wedding ceremonies. Tears and laughter flowed freely throughout the day, and I do believe that even the most calloused wedding-goer would not have gone unaffected. Those invited were close friends and family, many of whom travelled great distances to be there—Australia, the US and UK. The love and support that poured from each person was overwhelming. I’m truly fortunate to call Aaron my son-in-law, and just as blessed to be joining our families.

There is so much more to say about this day, but for now I’m letting it all sink in. And because I know so many of you have been waiting for wedding images, I can’t disappoint! I’m so excited to see photos from their official photographer, but for now, these photos taken by friends are a wonderful way to begin.




j and z



bouquets and boutonniere by:
nadia tan | little projectiles