my lately

summer mornings

The finality of giving notice on my apartment has catapulted me into the reality that moving is happening, and soon. This is a big move for me, for all of us. Another city, new digs and jobs, the beginning of high school. So much change. It would be easy to stay and resist the terror of somehow making it all happen. But that would be settling for just getting by, for feeling stuck and uninspired. Funny how feeling overwhelmed can make even that seem palatable. Except that when I get quiet and question myself, really wrangle with the necessity of making these changes, I keep coming up on the side of simply jumping and trusting that life won’t let me land too badly bruised. And maybe even greet me with opportunity I could never have imagined in staying put.

I’m working my arse off now, taking each food job that comes my way to facilitate pulling up stakes. Often that has meant long, stinking hot days both in and out of kitchens. Keeping my eye on my goal helps to make that manageable. But this is a long weekend—Canada Day!—and so with Number Four having just graduated grade 8, we’re taking it slowly. Isn’t that the way summer mornings oughta be? List-making continues, my eyes hurt from scrutinizing page upon page of apartment listings on the laptop, yard sales are imminent, and pairing down, tossing out and selling household stuff is looming large. For now, it was a pancake morning for Kieran and a very large pot of tea for me. And cherries. Oh, cherries!