zoë and aaron’s wedding | part one

What better way to usher in fall, than to share with you the crowning jewel of our summer—photos of Zoë’s wedding. When I peek at wedding albums, the “morning of” photos are always some of my favourites. The atmosphere is charged with emotion, and the intensity of being in the moment renders you nearly unaware that a photographer is gliding through the scene with barely a whisper. Seeing those moments unfold as they’re captured through someone else’s eyes is such a gift.

To make the morning as relaxed as possible, Zoë arranged to have our hair and make-up done at home, so there was a whole lot of pampering going on by two incredible women! And yet, wedding mornings are … wedding mornings. No one managed to eat (we fortified with smoothies), we were late heading out for pre-ceremony photos and once we’d left the house, there was a debacle involving seemingly lost lipsticks. Small stuff which threatened to derail, but resolved without disaster.

I struggled over limiting myself to a mere handful of photos for this post, and in the end, the photos won. So stay tuned for parts two and three. The Mother of The Bride gets to be all indulgent like that!


View More: http://times-and-paper.pass.us/zoe-and-aaron

View More: http://times-and-paper.pass.us/zoe-and-aaron

View More: http://times-and-paper.pass.us/zoe-and-aaron



View More: http://times-and-paper.pass.us/zoe-and-aaron


photos by: zach hertzman | times & paper