my lately

There’s an ancient, sprawling oak tree just beyond our living room window. Its acorns are tumbling like mad, ricocheting off fences, roofs and blanketing every inch of ground. Fall has arrived and we’re feeling at home here in our new digs. Number Four is navigating Toronto subways and buses like a pro and we’ve found all the great eating, shopping and people-watching spots in our neighbourhood. There’s an independent coffee shop so worthy of trekking the extra distance to get to, and a Starbucks even closer (although, where isn’t there one?). Kieran is a regular at the 24-hour bagel shop whose wood-fired oven keeps them in constant—and warm!—supply. He’s not yet reached his fill of these, especially because the bakers worked for years at one of Montreal’s best-known bagel purveyors. I, on the other hand, am thrilled by the massive 24-hour drugstore which carries everything from must-haves to groceries (with chocolate-covered popcorn falling into both categories, of course) and the Thursday afternoon farm market, a short walk away.

The job hunt is over (!) and I will be laying down the kitchen knives and focusing on other work now. I’m very excited about this. Equally excited by the prospect of cooking solely for pleasure. Number Four has sailed through his second week of high school. So far, so good … No jinxing allowed. And Denver? Well, she’s cat-napping as well as she ever has. The girl has no problem sleeping—anywhere. It’s a cat’s life.

Happy Fall, friends. Good things are happening!

PS The cookbook below is from Bunner’s, the best gluten-free baking I’ve ever tasted (and I’ve tasted a lot) right in the heart of Kensington Market. And while I’m not vegan, all of their baked goods happen to be. Their mile-high muffins are my sin. If you’re in Toronto, what are you waiting for?!