Welcome to Wildwood Collective, the new home of Bliss In Images

After five years of building Bliss In Images, I learned a lot about what it is that I most wanted to capture and share through my blog. Like any relationship, elements change and growth is what nourishes us. We need to be leavened by what it is that we love, and that we know to be good and true. I was ready to streamline the content of Bliss: cherish what I wanted to keep, let go of what no longer fit and reach for what does. You can read more about that here on the About page. I hope you’ll find something in these pages that feels good and true for you as well.

I went foraging for beautiful bits of nature to bring indoors. I’m not a big fan of a plugged-in, tinselly Christmas. I like bundling up, stuffing an extra bag and a pair of clippers inside whatever other bag I’m usually carrying, and heading into the woods and ravines. Some days it’s bitterly cold and mittens are barely enough to keep my fingers from seizing. But I love every moment of it, especially coming home, getting the kettle going and laying out my treasure. On this most recent scavenge, I’d filled my bag and was heading home after a long ravine walk. I came to a house with a row of  plump paper bags on the curb, filled with the remains of autumn leaves. And peaking from the top of one was the unmistakable green gloss of Southern magnolia leaves. The ones with the cinnamon-coloured underside that resembles exquisite suede. I pushed aside the torn florist’s cellophane and cast-off greenery and discovered enough leaves to make a small wreath. The curb-side remains of someone’s Christmas decorating became my coveted find (complete with tiny squeal!).

Another cup of tea for warmth and my treasure laid before me. I was snipping Juniper, the oil lightly scenting my hands. Now that’s the sort of Christmas I like.