my lately

I’ve thought a lot about baking lately, but not doing. A lot about writing, but not making the time. A lot about friends, but not connecting. A lot about disappointment, but not overcoming. A lot about yoga but not practicing. Residing in that state where ideas and thoughts percolate, the betwixt and between of it all, is when I’m most aware that change is gonna come. The end of the year is like that, isn’t it? A time for reviewing and ruminating. A time to remind yourself of what it is that you have accomplished amidst a staggering number of almosts.

We’re having a no-presents Christmas. Not a single one. Have you done this? It’s liberating, this no-buy policy. This weekend, I went winter boot and coat-shopping for Number Four. It was eye-opening to step back and observe the kaleidoscope of Christmas shoppers without feeling the pull of it myself. I like gift-giving. And I especially like seeing a smile on the face of someone who receives a gift that is chosen—or crafted—with great care. But this year (and for the many others I hope will follow) the simple act of gathering as a family is gift enough. It suits us. And that brings me to a place of deep gratitude.

I have a hunch that my baking will go beyond the ideas stage and finds its way to these pages. Once I stop eating the chocolate stash, that is. It doesn’t help that I’ve found a white chocolate that I actually like. Clearly I have failed in matters of chocolate discipline.

Til then, these are bits and pieces of the past few days. See you on the other side of the ideas stage …